Arrival & Dismissal



  1. Parents will need to sign a WALKER/BIKER PERMISSION FORM if they would like for their child to walk or ride their bike home. This form can be filled out during Orientation or can be found in the Main Office.
  2. The student will receive a WALKER PASS to place behind their student ID pouch.
  3. Pass must be worn at all times. 
  4. Students with a walker’s pass CANNOT be picked up on the premises of the campus.

Siblings’ Bus

This bus takes siblings from all of our 3 Campuses and transports them to our Grizzly Campus for a central pick-up location. The bus picks up the High School and the Cub Campus (K-2) students with siblings and drops them off at the Grizzly Campus (3-8).

  1. Parents will need to sign up their High School student(s) to ride the Siblings’ Bus. You can sign-up during Orientation or in the Main Office.
  2. The student will receive a BUS #1 or BUS #2 pass to place behind their student ID pouch.
  3. The bus pass needs to be shown upon entry of the Siblings’ Bus. 

If you are picking up all the siblings at the Grizzly Campus, dismissal will start at 3:10pm. Grizzly Campus Address: 8985 Lone Star Rd Jacksonville FL 32225

Afternoon Extended Day

Parents can sign up their High School students for Extended Day. As of right now, only a paper sign up is available. (Please proceed to the main office or extended day table).

  1. Extended Day will take place at our High School Campus.
  2. The student will receive an EXT DAY pass to place behind their student ID pouch
  3. For more information about the extended day cost and times please check out extended day policy.


If a parent would like for their child to walk home for one day because they are unable to pick them up, or they need to go home with their relative or friend that is at the Grizzly Campus, the parent will need to:

  1. Write a letter/note stating the student name, grade, date, reason, parent name, and signature
  2. Student will need to give the letter/note to the Main Office
  3. Main Office Secretary will write the student a TEMPORARY walker or bus pass for the date stated on the letter/note only.


Regular Pick-Up at the High School Campus

All GOCA Campuses use a dismissal program called PikMyKid. With this program, each student receives their own individual dismissal number. Dismissal numbers are given per student, not per family. 

Whenever the dismissal number is put into the PikMyKid system, the student name pops up in the teacher’s classroom signaling the student to be dismissed.

All you have to do:

  1.  Enter through Fromage Way
  2.  Get in the dismissal line
  3. Give dispatcher the number(s)
  4. Wait until student comes to the vehicle

You can tell the dispatcher the dismissal number by rolling down your window and telling them OR by placing a tag or piece of paper with the student’s dismissal number(s) written on it on the car’s dashboard so it can be visible to the dispatcher.

If you are picking up multiple siblings or students at the High School Campus, make sure to give the dispatcher ALL of the students’ dismissal numbers. Do not give the dispatcher a dismissal number of a student/sibling that is not at school that day.

If you would like a family member or friend to pick up your student, simply inform them of the student’s dismissal number which they will present to the dispatcher.

High School Campus dismissal will begin at 3:15 pm

Only enter in the highlighted area during dismissal.

Do not enter on the red marked side of the parking lot